Industries We Serve

Tailored security solutions built for your industry

Our expertise across multiple industries, from Manufacturing to Business Technology allows us to build custom tailored solutions made to insulate you from cyber security threats, compliance and regulation issues, data-breaches and reduce costs. 

Banking & Finance

Banking and financial institutions receive 25 percent of all the malware attacks in the world, making it one of the highest costs from attacks. This is why cybersecurity is essential to protect assets and data.

Defense Contractors

Regulation is being more rigidly enforced as the US government responds to weaknesses in the industry. We can help ensure that you remain in compliance with contracts that now require adherence to NIST 800-171v2, CMMC v2.0, or other regulated standards.


We partner with educational institutions to protect themselves from data breaches that negatively effect both students and teachers, while keeping vital data and records from becoming available for identity theft.


The most significant threat to most technology companies is protecting their valuable IP from intruders. Don't be a victim of cyber attacks that can compromise your company's future.


The healthcare field as a whole currently operates on systems that are easy for cyber security threats to target due to the value of their information with the number of vulnerabilities that exist across multiple platforms.


Manufacturing has become one the most consistently attacked industries in the last several years with up to 50% of manufacturers reporting data breaches and 25% reporting lost revenue.


Telecommunication as a technology has undergone major transformations over the past several years, and as such have left a wake of legacy platforms in place that are insecure and easy to breach.


Government disruptions can cascade into numerous vital systems including dispatch, police, fire, in addition to already devastating personal information breaches. It is vital for governments to build and maintain security action plans.


According to recent analysis by KPMG, 49% of power and utility CEOs surveyed say that being targeted by a cyber-attack has become an issue of "when", not "if". Despite this fact, barely half confirm they are prepared for an attack.


Hotels and hospitality providers contain a wealth of customer personal and payment data that they keep on hand. These systems can often be centralized and outdated, making them unprepared for a significant cyber attack.

Supply Chain Vendors

Due to recent exploits in the global supply chain, some vendors will be required to comply with national standards like NIST 800-171.


Cyber attacks on industrial sectors halt productivity and can result in costly random payments for hijacked data or computer systems and assembly line capabilities.

If you are in a specific industry that can benefit from securing the data of you or your customers, we invite you to reach out to us today.  Our professional and helpful team can work with you to tailor cybersecurity recommendations and solutions specifically to your needs, requirements and budget.